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Meet the founder

"An empowered community fostering sustainable change."

Florence always had a passion for people and animals. That is why she became a veterinary nurse and at the age of 20, she decided to travel the world. During her journey, she learned about new cultures and ancient wisdom while volunteering for several NGOs across the globe.

It is during her two-years experience in Asia that she put pen to paper. Translating the influences of all the different environments she dived in, Florence drew her first Mandala in her tiny room in front of the Himalayans. For years, her only focus was to give back to the people and organizations thats are dear to her. After a while, she started collaborating with Animal Aid Unlimited, an association to whom she donated all the proceeds earned from her drawings.

In 2017, Florence decided to settle down in Montreal, the city she now calls home. Since then, her ambition has grown to new horizons. Her vision is to create a long-lasting impact on the world by supporting animal rescue and raising awareness about environmental and humanitarian causes. This is what Mandalove is all about, an empowered community fostering sustainable change.